University of Dhaka

Department of Genetic Engineering &
Biotechnology, University of Dhaka
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh


The Snake venom database (SVDB) contains all information on venomous snakes, their venom compositions and functions. There are approximately 375 venomous snake species worldwide. Snake venoms are rich sources of biologically active compounds, many of which are known to be very potent against hypertension, diabetes, bacterial or viral infection, aging and cancers.

Snake venom is a complex mixture of several enzymes, proteins, polypeptides and other compounds. Naturally, snakes use them for their defense and in paralyzing, digesting prey. Ironically, the properties that make venom deadly are also what make it so valuable for medicine. Venom toxins are highly specific, fast targeting and highly efficient only in minute quantities. So, snake venom is an excellent source of novel toxins.

An organized, categorized information database focusing on snake venom will provide more insights of venom components at a glance. Moreover, this resource would help biologists not only to find information on desired venom components, but also enable them to explore and perform various structure-function analyses from the same platform. SVDB contains up-to-date domain specific generic up-to-date data as it is built through the NCBI. In addition, it provides users the flexibility to access information and work offline.

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